Where’s the magic?

Do you spend all day frantically racing through the items on your to-do list, but by bedtime feel like you’ve accomplished nothing? Or have you gotten trapped in a routine, your days stuck in a cardboard box? Do you have that nagging sense that you could be doing something—ANYTHING—else with your life, but you’re not sure what?

You rack your brain trying to figure out how to achieve your goals…and you turn to Google.

If you’re like me, you’ve read every tip, trick, and hack on the planet. Often, though, these leave you even more confused and off kilter. Enough!

NOW is the time to stop looking outside yourself for the answers!

It’s time to generate the magic within you

To generate means to create and distribute vitally and profusely. Think of nature, constantly generating fresh flora and fauna. Similarly, we are perpetually spawning new ideas, from creating intelligent, responsive websites to friendly, seemingly magic interactions with our devices.

Now, magic can mean lots of things, but I’m not referring to fairies, potions, or wizards. I’m referring to that feeling we get when we see a movie or visit a new place and say, OMG, that was magical!

It’s that feeling that we’ve been temporarily lifted out of the mundane and touched by the divine. That some latent spirit has been awakened within us.

We’re all capable of generating magic. Of becoming, in a sense, magicians—able to take the raw materials of life, even if we only have twigs and pebbles to work with, and turning them into a masterpiece.

How do you get unstuck?

If you’re an artist or any type of creator (and really, we’re all creators), you know all about blocks. But the act of generation helps you to bust through these blocks and produce something amazing. Even if you have no ideas in your head, you start typing or drawing or sketching out business ideas and all of a sudden, ideas are spilling out left and right.

Similarly, if you have a blockage in your own life—you can’t figure out how to make more money, lose weight, or improve your relationships—you can overcome these blockages by getting out of your head, by moving out of analysis paralysis and into action. By activating your higher powers.

My purpose

Whether you’re a creative entrepreneur, a stay-at-home parent, or a 9-to-5er stuck in an unfulfilling job, my mission is to help you ignite the fire within you. Maybe you don’t consider yourself an artist or someone with creative abilities (yet). But if you appreciate art and beauty—if you want to live an exuberant, joy-filled life—I am here to serve you. As a transformational coach, I’ll help you move from feeling bored with it all to feeling thrilled with ALL life has to offer. We’ll do this by tapping into your creativity, opening up a world of possibilities you never knew existed.

It’s time to unleash the magic within you.