Resources for Creative Entrepreneurs

resources for creative entrepreneurs
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My goal is to help you generate magic in ALL areas of your life — creative, financial, spiritual. That’s why I’m sharing all the tools that have helped me to grow as a person and turn my passion for writing into a career. Below is a list of resources for creative entrepreneurs or anyone looking to experience greater fulfillment. Hopefully you’ll find something that will change your life today!

Please note that there are some affiliate links on this page. This means that I receive part of the commission for purchases made at no extra cost to you. However, I only recommend products that I absolutely love and trust. Plus, many of the products mentioned have free versions.

Personal Development Books & Programs

1. Release Technique

Releasing is simple yet incredibly effective. It’s the process of taking an unpleasant emotion — anger, anxiety, grief — and letting it go.

You’re not trying to bury or deny the emotion. Instead, you’re acknowledging the emotion and lovingly allowing it to leave.

Battling my emotions was wreaking havoc on my health. In fact, I even started having seizures! Thankfully, releasing — particularly through the Abundance Course — has allowed me to experience more joy and inner peace.

I’d recommend that you release every day, even when you don’t think you “need” it. After all, many negative emotions are buried in our subconscious!

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2. Kris Dillard

Both Kris Dillard’s YouTube videos for the Release Technique and now for his own company, The Power of Quiet, are incredible! They really help me to get beyond understanding the principles intellectually and absorbing them in my soul.

Whether you’re trying to improve your relationships or overcome fear, he has an excellent way of explaining how the lessons apply to everyday life and then walking you through the releasing process. No matter what’s happening in your life, you’ll feel calmer after watching his videos!

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3. Brian Tracy

Speaker and author Brian Tracy has been a leader in the personal development industry for over 30 years. What I love about his style is that it’s simple and practical yet packed full of wisdom. He’s owned and consulted many companies, so his advice isn’t just theory.

He offers tons of great resources on time management for a wide range of budgets. In fact, his free ebook alone has helped me make huge strides in my productivity. As someone who’s written more than 70 books, he totally knows what he’s talking about when it comes to this topic!

But when it comes to developing a proven system that will help you excel in all areas of your life — relationships, health, finances — his Maximum Achievement program is by far the best. He offers lots of actionable advice that goes way beyond the obvious.

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4. Derek Rydall

Derek does a great job of grounding his work in spiritual principles while providing concrete metaphors to help you grasp his ideas. For instance, he discusses how just like 2+2 will always equal 4, our most perfect self is already inside of us. It’s just a matter of letting it out.

This is what his Emergence program is all about. After taking the program, I have to say, Wow! Derek way overdelivers. I learned so many life-changing lessons, my favorite being: whatever you’re not getting is what you’re not giving. This applies to friendship, love, and even business. If you’re not getting business, it’s either because you’re not creating something that enough people value or you’re not putting yourself out there enough.

I’d also highly recommend his book The Abundance Project, which is brimming with compelling stories and memorable lessons.

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5. Ego is the Enemy

In a time when anybody can be a “brilliant genius” thanks to social media, Ryan Holiday offers a sobering look at the destructive force of ego. He suggests we spend less time talking about how great we are and more time demonstrating it.

I love how the lessons are broken down into bite-size chunks, allowing you to really absorb them. Some of my favorites were, “Become a student” and “Get out of your own head.” There were so many great takeaways that I couldn’t stop talking to my boyfriend about it!

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6. Living Like You Mean It

I was a weird kid, to say the least, which meant I was teased relentlessly. As a social survival tool, I learned to make myself invisible by repressing my emotions.

Eventually, my emotions became buried so deep that they were hidden not only from others but from myself. I became lonely and isolated.

Living Like You Mean It, written by therapist Ronald J. Frederick, taught me how to rediscover my emotions. He illustrates his lessons through stories about how he’s helped his patients to become more emotionally expressive as well as hands-on-exercises.

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7. The Slight Edge

Do you feel as if an unfathomable gulf separates you from the mega wealthy, super fit, and ultra successful?

In fact, that distance is only an illusion. The only gap separating you from those who have “made it” is the slight edge.

Learn how to leverage daily activities to achieve financial success, rewarding relationships, and peak health in Jeff Olson’s engaging audiobook. Read my full review here.

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8. Freedom

Do you ever have those days where you glance at your Facebook notifications and the next thing you know, hours have passed? Interestingly enough, these days always seem to happen when you have a particularly tricky section of your novel to work through…or that sales report you’ve been dreading. Yes, there’s willpower, but the very?act?of resisting temptation can be distracting, can’t it?

That’s where Freedom comes in. This app conveniently lets you block any website of your choosing for a designated period of time.

So if you need to do Google research (real?research, not just reading reviews of that Thai restaurant you’ve been wanting to try) but need to block out Facebook, the app totally has you covered. Or you can choose to completely block the internet.

Believe me, I’m immensely more productive due to this app! When I get the itch to procrastinate and this screen pops up, palpable relief sets in.

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9. XMind

As a writer, the revision process can be excruciating. Thankfully, I discover mind-mapping, which allowed me to organize all my thoughts in one place in a coherent way.

Now I love revising! I use XMind, which is a super simple and intuitive app for non-techies like myself. I go into more detail in this article on how I’ve used mind-mapping to improve my writing.

Mind-mapping isn’t just for stories. I also use it to organize my goals for this blog as well as to chart my goals for creating my ideal, purpose-filled life.

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10. Inbox When Ready

Dipping in and out of your email inbox throughout the day quickly chips away at your focus. In fact, even if the interruption only takes a few seconds, it can take up to 25 minutes to regain peak concentration!

I found myself checking my inbox multiple times per hour to check on or reply to emails from colleagues. Plus, I subscribe to lots of newsletters, which means my inbox is a bottomless pit that I can get trapped in for hours.

Needless to say, I wasn’t getting much done. That’s why Inbox When Ready was a godsend. It allows you to regulate how often you check your email and for how long. My days are SO much more productive now!

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Online Business Tools

11. Wealthy Affiliate

I’m super passionate about freelance copywriting, but let’s face it, constantly hunting for clients can be exhausting. Even when you achieve a steady flow of clients, you’re still trading time for money.

That’s when I discovered the beauty of affiliate marketing, which allows you to generate passive income by writing about products you love. After cobbling together information from articles and webinars which mostly left me confused, I thankfully discovered the Wealthy Affiliate.

Read my full review here.

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12. Jaaxy

I actually discovered Jaaxy, a keyword research tool, through Wealth Affiliate. Before, SEO was something I knew I needed to master but learning it was a big huge headache.

Luckily, Jaaxy makes things super simple. Type in any keyword, and you immediately get a list of related keywords with their average monthly searches, number of competing websites, and an SEO score based on traffic and competition.

If analyzing keywords isn’t really your thing, you can always just look at the SEO score! If you want to go more in-depth, though, Jaaxy also provides great support videos.

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Resources for Writers

13. The Well-Fed Writer

Peter Bowerman’s book is the first one that convinced me that making a living as a writer is possible. It’s packed full of information on how to break into copywriting, giving step-by-step instructions on everything from cold calling (which he says “doesn’t equal cold sweat, just cold cash”) to what to include on your website.

Plus, the book’s fun to read on its own due to Bowerman’s humorous, engaging style.

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14. Write and Sell Kindle E-Books for Fun and Profit

Maybe you’re an author who’s fed up with publishers who don’t respond to your submissions for months (if ever). Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur who needs a book to promote your business.

As both of those, I decided that it was time to take matters into my own hands by publishing my own e-books. This book makes it super simple and offers tons of guidance on everything from researching best-selling books in your genre to creating your own publishing company.

Really, I’d recommend that you check out copywriting expert Bob Bly’s entire library of writing resources. Everything is extremely high quality and affordable!

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15. How to Grow Your Email List

Nicole Bianchi’s guide lives up to the promises of the title, explaining with ease and specificity how to effectively guest post and promote on social media. She also walks you through the steps of how to create a reader magnet, which is a free gift –usually an e-book — to get readers to sign up for your list.

Believe me, when I was creating my magnet for this blog, I had Nicole’s book open the whole time! I’d also recommend signing up for her Facebook group, where she’s created a thriving community of talented and generous writers.

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