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Generate the Magic Within You As a Conscious Creator

Are you looking for MORE in life — more freedom, more joy, more FUN? At your core, you are a creative being. You are always creating, every second of every day—whether you like it or not. Now, armed with this knowledge, how would you like to create more of the things you DO want? This is what it means to be a conscious creator. Together, we’ll engage in fun, experiential processes to further strengthen and enhance your creative powers so you can start living your ideal life—not ten years or ten weeks from now, but TODAY!

Generate Magic is all about making magic out of EVERY moment—even the crappy ones—and using the raw materials of your life to weave an awesome tapestry. I’ll help you move from “bored with it all” to “thrilled to be alive,” from being in perpetual reaction mode to being the engineer of your life. When you tap into your power as a conscious creator, you open up a world of possibilities you never knew existed. Start showing up as the superstar you were meant to be while experiencing a deeper sense of fun and fulfillment in ALL areas of life!

My current coaching offers are explained below. Calls are held over Zoom or phone. All are paid in advance and non-refundable. I can offer payment plans as needed.

Intrigued? Have questions? Ready to get started? Reach out to me here! Also, please reach out if you would like a customized coaching package.

Personalized Coaching

Embark on a transformative journey of conscious creation, tailored to your unique goals and aspirations. Through our personalized coaching sessions, we will set into motion the engine fueling the life of your dreams, recognizing that each day is a dream to be treasured while simultaneously architecting those big, bold visions that set your soul on fire. This immersive experience is designed to supercharge your powers as a conscious creator, facilitating profound transformation.

Our collaboration extends beyond one-and-done sessions. I’m committed to supporting you throughout the entire process, providing ongoing encouragement, guidance, and accountability. Together, we’ll navigate through any challenges that may arise, ensuring you maintain momentum and integrate the insights gained during our sessions into your daily life.

With a deep understanding that each individual is unique, I offer a tailored approach, helping you discover what works best for you on your journey to bringing your goals and dreams to fruition.

Empowered Guidance

1 week of unlimited email/text support + optional voice messages @ $147
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Receive personalized guidance and support through a week of unlimited email/text coaching. Optional voice messages allow for more in-depth communication, ensuring you receive the tailored guidance you need to stay motivated and on track toward your goals.

Lighting the Spark

One 45-minute call + 1 week of unlimited text/email support @ $197

Ignite the fire within and set the foundation for your dreams to take flight. Our initial call will set into motion the engine fueling the life you envision, while the following week of unlimited text/email support ensures you maintain clarity and momentum.

Adventures in Conscious Creation

Two 45-minute calls + 3 weeks of unlimited text/email support @ $497
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Immerse yourself in a profound journey of self-discovery and conscious creation. Through two in-depth coaching calls and three weeks of unlimited text/email support, you’ll supercharge your abilities as a conscious creator, facilitating profound transformation in every aspect of your life.

Conscious Creators Creating!

Live group coaching program
Exact date TBD

Group energy is contagious, and others can teach us so much! Ignite your creator mojo and explore what it means to be a conscious creator as we dive into dynamic creative processes and works of art (literary passages, songs, etc.) to light you up. A supportive group atmosphere is the perfect place to challenge yourself, expand, and, of course, have fun!

The program will unfold over 12 weeks. We will meet over Zoom once a week for 90 minutes. Sessions will be recorded in case you can’t make it live or want to review. I will also have a group where you can share insights, ask any questions that may arise, and keep the momentum going throughout your week!

This experience includes:

—Dance as Meditation, Therapy, and Creation: Supercharge your manifestation process, engage in empowering inner dialogues, and, of course, have fun and feel amazing! This process I have developed uses dance and other multi-sensory “imagination playground” activities to help you activate your creative energies, engage with and process your emotions, and fully embody your vision.

—Fun Perspective-Shifting Exercises (including my own “Alchemize Crap into Gold” process): Transform those dense, icky thoughts and emotions that are mucking up your creative energy and slowing your progress into empowering thoughts and emotions that will energize you and fuel your creations.

—Pimp Your Routine: Blast away the blahs and pump more fun into your daily life!

—Handouts, Journaling Prompts, and Homework (or rather, “HomePlay”): While our time together will most certainly be transformational (and fun!), equally vital to your transformation is how you then integrate all the treasures you gain into your daily life so you can continue feeling awesome and seeing those gains! Track your progress, further explore and expand your creative powers through experiential independent activities, document your journey, and maintain your momentum.

—Personalized Playlist: Receive songs with messages to guide you along your unique transformational journey, providing validation, clarity, and inspiration.

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What Others Say

“Kate creates a unique growth environment with her program. It is a thoroughly enjoyable experience, utilizing various modalities that engage my senses, creativity and imagination. Highly recommended for anyone who is ready to take the next step in their journey of self discovery!”

Brett Bielby

“I appreciate that from the first moment our group met, we hit the ground running. Kate is a natural teacher, which helped facilitate the flow of the sessions. There was a warmth in our group, which I think in part was because Kate’s joy is contagious.”

John Jurkiewicz, Coach and Consultant, New Career Creations

“I loved my session with Kate. Her energy is welcoming, gentle and playful, which allowed me to feel safe. Her observations really resonated and made me feel seen and reminded me of my creativity as home 🙏

Sophie Mars, performance artist/dance therapist, Mindful Mutations 


It’s time to say “yes” to your soul’s deepest desires. To say “yes” to MORE as you form a divine union with the infinite expansiveness that is your true nature! Click here to get started.